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Now available from Canadian Off Grid – Incinolet incinerating toilets! These workhorse electric incinerating toilets are significantly less expensive than other brands of incinerating toilets and built to last! Incineration is clean, efficient, and water-free, eliminating the need for drainage systems, chemicals, or sceptic tanks. Incinolet offers two models. The 120 volts/2000 watts Incinolet is ideal for home, cabin, workshop, barn, or basement and will serve the needs of 4 people, full time. The 240 volts/3500 watts model will serve the needs of 6 people, full time. Both configurations have a 3-year warranty and must be installed on a 20-amp...

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With Thanksgiving right around the corner for us Canadians, it's a great time to talk about off-grid cooking. Off-grid cottages, cabins, camps, lake houses, and year-round homes have lots of options for off-grid cooking beyond a grate over an open campfire. Specialized off-grid appliances bring the convenience of the grid to the off-grid lifestyle and allow you to cook at the cottage the same way you do in the city.

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