About Canadian Off Grid

Canadian Off Grid enriches the lives of those who choose to live off-grid by applying our expert knowledge to your project, whether that’s working with solar power, battery, propane, or wood-burning products. Living off the grid is becoming more important to more people looking to save money and live sustainably, and Canadian Off Grid is here to help you realize that life. 

Working in the off-grid industry since 2010, Ryan spent five of those years with Unique Appliances, where he learned how to build an efficient infrastructure for your off-grid cabin or home before branching off on his own. 
Canadian Off Grid has contributed our experience and know-how to the development of off-grid propane appliances and 12/24v appliances within the industry today to make them safer and more efficient for our customers. 
Ryan is certified with the North American Solar Academy, holds a Licensed Gas and Oil fitter certification, and is 100% passionate about customer service and building relationships in the off-grid community. Contact Ryan today to quote your off-grid home. 
Company Values: 
- Customer service means we’re 100% committed to our relationships 
- Innovation is crucial to the optimization of your off-grid home 
- Determination offers decisiveness when installing your off-grid appliances 
- Integrity means upholding a higher standard to our work and employing the best products 
- Commitment keeps us dedicated to your project  
Why Canadian Off Grid: 
Why Canadian Off Grid? You’re purchasing from an educated, experienced expert in off-grid living. Someone who is 100% devoted to you and others like you who share a passion for a simpler life, disconnected from the grid. You want to live a sustainable lifestyle while not spending your hard-earned money on corporate North America. You want personal service paired with experience and know-how in the Canadian off-grid market. 
You know that when you call Canadian Off Grid you aren't calling a 1-800 number and talking to someone who is going to hot potato your call with their colleagues. You are calling Ryan, the owner, the one who is passionate about off-grid living and will be there to help you with your off-grid needs.  
Ryan will assess your requirements and make expert suggestions to help make your off-grid cabin or home run efficiently and sustainably for years to come. Call Ryan today to discuss your potential for living off the grid.