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20 Watt Solar Powered 6″ Attic Fan with Snowventco vent . 100% Solar Powered . Up to 400 CFM. Ideal for a 500 sq ft area . All Season Ventilation Benefit. Keeps attics cool & dry. Improves home comfort   * Endorsed by HGTV’s Bryan Baeumler *

A modular roof or wall mount solar attic fan that easily retrofits into existing vent openings or with a new hole cut to 8” to 9”. Generally requires two units that can be strategically located on a roof for optimal air-flow. A natural solar energy driven fan, making high efficient yet quiet ventilation via its top grade brushless motor. An energy-saving ventilation solution for a healthy and comfortable environment.

Also good for shipping containers, sheds, tiny homes, outbuidings or any structure you'd like to remove the superheat/mositure from.


  • Removes moisture, harmful mold, mildew & gases
  • Extends lifespan of roofing materials
  • Reduces wear on air-conditioners
  • Balances indoor temperature
  • Prevents ice-damming in winter (without thermal auto shut-off)
  • Reduces electricity bills

SNOWVENT – Smart Filter Attic Vent with micropore stainless steel filter technology


  • Featuring micropore stainless steel filter technology: hail resistant, over 99% impenetrable barrier
    to snow, rain, insects and vermin
  • Patented pleated filter design provides 80 sq in of filter surface for a 50 sq in NFA vent
  • Exceeds CSA airflow requirements
  • Intake air is filtered on ongoing basis
  • CSA Approved

Recommended for installation on sloped roofs with a minimum 4/12 pitch within 2 feet of the roof peak.

Flange Size: 50.8×45.72 cm (20×18 in)
Vent Size: 33.56×33.02 cm (14×13 in)
Vent Hole Size: 18.42×18.42 cm (7.25×7.25 in)
Filter Size:  pleated 50 sq in filter gives 80 sq in of filter surface area