EG4 6000XP | 8000W PV Input | 6000W Output | 48V 120/240V Split Phase | All-In-One Solar Inverter

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The EG4 6000XP is a cutting-edge 48V split-phase, off-grid inverter and charger, designed to revolutionize your energy needs. With an impressive 8kW of PV input capacity and an efficient 6kW continuous power output, it also serves as a battery 140A charger. What sets it apart is its scalability - you can parallel up to 16 units for an impressive 96kWs of output power while controlling multiple stations and units seamlessly using our advanced EG4 monitoring software.

Performance Components

  • 6000W rated output power

  • Parallel up to 16 units for 96kWs of output power

  • Built-in Switchgear for reduced installation costs and enhanced safety

    • Save up to $300 with built-in breakers, disconnects and more!
  • Transformer-Free Design

  • Dedicated Generator Connection

  • Inverter, AC Charger, and Solar Charge Controller


  • Everything needed to get started

  • Simple to install, easy to manage

  • Manages power from energy storage systems, and grid simultaneously

  • 120/240V split phase


  • MPPT Efficiency 99%

  • Outperforms similar-sized competitors by an average of 7%

  • Battery Charging Efficiency 93%

  • Battery Discharging Efficiency 93%

  • 50W Idle Consumption (with battery)


Comprehensive Certifications

    • UL 1741

    • Ingress Protection Rating: IP20


DC Input Voltage Range: 100-480 VDC
Number of MPPTs: 2
MPPT Efficiency: 99%
Dimensions: 18×25.5×5.25 in (45.7×64.8×13.2cm)
Weight: 52.9 lbs. (24kg)
Parallel: Up to 16 units for a max of 96kWs of continuous AC power.