Indoor Direct Vent Propane Heaters

Indoor Direct Vent Propane Heaters

Indoor Direct Vent Propane Heaters

Indoor direct vent propane heaters offer an efficient and affordable solution to heating your off-grid home or cottage. Canadian Off-Grid Depot sells propane wall heaters across Canada, delivering and installing them in Southern Ontario. Where electricity is non-existent and wood scarce, propane heaters offer a safe alternative to electric and wood-burning heat.


Are Indoor Propane Heaters Safe?

Appropriately used, indoor propane heaters are a safe alternative to electric space heaters and wood fireplaces. Choosing the suitable size propane heater for the space you are warming is the first step in the safe operation of a wall-mount propane heater.

Ensuring your propane heater is installed on a non-combustible surface away from high-traffic areas and positioned safely away from combustible materials such as furniture, curtains, hanging hooks, doors, bedding, and towels is another essential factor to consider. Your Martin wall heater is designed to be left unattended, so while you’re enjoying the outdoors, rest easy knowing your direct vent propane heater keeps your cabin at a safe, controlled temperature.

Follow your manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance and general propane safety rules, and though propane is a non-toxic gas, carbon monoxide detectors should be included in the room(s) with an indoor propane heater.


The Benefits of Heating with Propane 

Propane has a much higher-octane rating than traditional gas, meaning that it comes with a much higher energy level than other kinds of fuel.

Propane heaters come in various types, such as portable indoor propane heaters, direct vent wall-mounted propane indoor heaters, forced air propane indoor heaters, and radiant indoor propane heaters. Canadian Off-Grid Depot exclusively deals with direct vent wall-mounted propane heaters. A direct vent wall heater includes a built-in thermostat to monitor your heat dispersion and offers safe, clean, and economical energy.

Our Martin brand propane wall heaters are aesthetically pleasing and come in 8,000, 11,000, and 20,000 BTUs, including a standing pilot, the standard ignition device for most propane-burning heating systems. A pilot is a continuously burning flame responsible for starting the burners that generate heat for the home or cabin.

Martin heaters are known for their reliability, and propane heaters work without electricity, so you can still heat your home during a power outage. With the larger models, a glass-ceramic window offers a beautiful fireplace display on your wall without installing an expensive wood stove and chimney.

Martin heaters are certified at over 80% efficiency, which is higher than most direct vent propane heaters, and they are incredibly safe to use in your home. You’ll also reduce your carbon footprint.


Installing Propane Wall Heaters


Customers can choose to install their wall-mounted propane heater themselves, but it is highly recommended that a licensed gas fitter inspect and sign off on the installation. Many who choose to live off-grid are mechanically inclined and will likely install the propane heaters properly, but an inspection ought to be ordered for peace of mind. Canadian Off-Grid Depot can deliver and install your indoor propane heater by licensed gas fitters if you are within our service area. This way,you ensure your direct vent propane heater will operate efficiently. Connected to an outdoor propane tank, the indoor heater is safely away from its energy source. Proper venting is also an essential aspect of the installation, and Martin heaters come complete with venting included.

Canadian Off-Grid Depot’s propane wall heaters come from Bismar Martin, based out of Quebec. Specifically designed for off-grid living, these units require no electricity. Propane indoor heaters heat a space faster and more efficiently with lower energy costs than an indoor electric heater.

Models include the Martin MDV8P 8,000 BTU indoor wall propane heater, the Martin MDV12P 11,000 BTU direct vent heater, Martin MDV12VP 11,000 BTU heater with fireplace display, the Martin MDV20P 20,000 BTU propane heater, and the Martin MGV20VP heater with fireplace display.


Adding more than one direct vent wall-mounted propane heater in a home or cottage is recommended when the square footage exceeds the heating specification of a single indoor propane heater. Consulting a salesperson at Canadian Off-Grid Depot will simplify the experience from query through installation of your off-grid propane heater.


Our industry-leading Martin brand direct vent propane heaters include a built-in Low/High thermostat to monitor your heat dispersion. If you have questions on the safety, efficiency, installation, or maintenance of indoor direct vent propane wall heaters, we are happy to help educate you. We will discuss your needs and design the perfect solution for your off-grid propane heat requirements.


Winter is here, and your off-grid home or cabin needs heat! Contact Canadian Off-Grid Depot today to enquire about a direct vent propane heater.


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