Cinderella Incinerating Toilets - Toronto Sportsman Show

Cinderella Incinerating Toilets - Toronto Sportsman Show

Incinerating Toilets for Off-Grid Living

Have you been looking for an incinerating toilet for your off-grid living? Off-grid toilets require no plumbing and no septic. To enquire about incinerating toilets in Ontario, you have come to the right place. Canadian Off Grid Depot offers a range of incinerating toilets to meet your budgetary needs.


Off-Grid Toilets for sustainability

Employing off-grid toilets offers another level of sustainability to your cabin or off-grid home. If saving fresh water is something that appeals to you, then an incinerating toilet is an excellent fit. Gray water will be a thing of the past once you’ve installed your environmentally friendly incinerating toilet.


Cost Savings of an incinerating toilet

Without a septic tank to maintain and have serviced, these costly drainage solutions are also a thing of the past once your incineration toilet has been installed.

Other cost savings of an incineration toilet include being independent of an electric mains supply, requiring very little space, easy installation, an insignificant quantity of ash to be emptied, no need to supply bark, chemicals, etc., like a composting toilet, and no troublesome insect issues.


How does an Incinerating Toilet Work?

Electricity or gas is required to power your off-grid incinerating toilet, as the toilet burns biological waste at high temperatures. But any off-grid cabin or home that includes a sustainable electric, solar system or eco-friendly propane system will suffice. Even employing an off-grid battery pack or generator will offer enough power to incinerate your biological waste. Discuss your best options with a qualified incinerating toilet installer.

Waste is burned in an enclosed incineration chamber, and combustion gases are expelled through a separate ventilation pipe equipped with a fan. This efficient engineering is found in all incinerating toilets that Canadian Off Grid Depot supplies. Installing the venting system is another service available through Canadian Off Grid Depot if you reside within our service area.

Some models of incineration toilets are equipped with an operational display and will let you know when the ashtray requires emptying.


Bonuses of an Incinerating Toilet

Incinerating toilets are perfect for your cold weather needs as well due to no plumbing lines or wastewater. Thus, freezing temperatures will not affect the functionality of an incinerating toilet. And, let’s face it, an interior, incinerating toilet beats an outhouse every day of the week!

You’re creating compost for your garden in just about an hour with each burn, and the resulting ash contains minerals like potassium, that’s good for gardens!

Like a traditional toilet, the incinerating toilet offers an odorless experience. Composting toilets cannot make that claim.

Incinerator toilets are easy to clean and maintain.

Need an Incinerator toilet?

Contact our sales team at Canadian Off Grid Depot to review our product offerings and choose the best incinerator toilet for your needs. We sell a variety of Cinderella incinerating toilet models to suit your budget.

Sportsman Show, Toronto, March 16-19th, 2023, BOOTH 3018

Find Canadian Off Grid Depot at the Toronto Sportsman show, where we will be showcasing our Incinerator toilets and featuring a special discount ONLY available at the show. We’ll be offering a 10% discount for purchasing a Cinderella brand incinerating toilet at the show and a 5% discount if you purchase during the month of March after attending the Sportsman show. After the show, purchases will be discounted using the code "Sportsman5". 

The Toronto Sportsman show is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, where they will once again be highlighting fishing, hunting, and all things outdoors!

Shows like this continue to make the outdoors more accessible for outdoor enthusiasts like you! So come on out and look us up at the Sportsman show in Mississauga this year and complete your off-grid lifestyle with a great deal on incinerator toilets!

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