Consul Propane Fridge Parts

Consul Propane Fridge Parts

Ray's fly in camp located up in the Northwest Territoires has a 25+ year old Consul Propane Fridge. Having difficulties with cooling, his unit would partially cool in the freezer and nothing at all in the fridge. Simple fix! Replace the orifice. This is a common occurance with the consul propane fridge. Their orifice has a laser cut ruby jet that degrades over time. If your consul fridge is working in the freezer, but not the fridge, contact us for a replacement orifice.


  • Mary Beth Wheeeler

    Consul propane refrigerator Model # COE22D, Serial #LG2026481, Version COE22DBICT. The front outside bottom cover for the on/off button, pilot, strike button. The cover has broken hinges. A replacement cover, please? I do not have a part #. I do not have a photo if you will let me send via email. MBW

  • Ronald S. Simon

    Need regalator valve that goes to the burner feed that’s behind the burner feed on the regulator gas feed for consul fridge

  • Pauline Cook

    Looking for a condensor for a Consul propane refrigerator. Do you have one in stock?

  • Matt Brownlee

    Hi, I have a Danby LP fridge. The freezer is cold. The fridge is only cooling half the fins. What’s the fix if one?

  • Dean Curry

    Hi we need a replacement orfice for model number 2426 thanks

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