Volthium 24V 200AH ABS 8D 5.12KWH

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Volthium's 8D ABS Solar Storage Battery LFP is custom made for the self-contained cottage and home customers.

The battery is designed for solar storage banks ranging from 5kWh to 20 kWh.

* This battery is also available in a self-heating version *

These batteries have the particularity to have an accessible and reserved chamber for the BMS. This makes them repairable in case of need, and allows to prolong the life of the cells by limiting the transmission of heat to them. In addition, a private chamber increases the usable temperature range of these batteries.

This new generation of batteries is also equipped with a button, which allows to deactivate the discharge, while leaving the recharge authorized. Extremely, practical when the customer wants to leave the batteries connected to the solar system during the storage, while eliminating the fear that they are picked up by parasitic discharges.

This brand new battery, whose casing is exclusive to Volthium, has 2x RJ45 ports allowing communication on the RS485 protocol. This connection is also used to transmit the internal information of the batteries to the Victron environment (on their VE.CAN protocol). To do this, get the Volthium HUB accessory, another exclusive in-house development.

In addition, communication via RJ45 allows you to add the Volthium Bluetooth transmitter, which can handle up to 4 batteries when paired with the HUB.

Not only is this LiFePO4 battery resistant to vibration, but it has a discharge range superior to the competition. In fact, this battery can be discharged down to -25 degrees, instead of -20 degrees for the competition. And if you choose the self-heating option, it can be recharged down to -40 degrees. This innovation is possible because the cells in Volthium batteries come from the automotive industry.


10 years warranty, useful life around 15 years and more.

Average operation beyond 6000 cycles.

Certifications (Cells) : UL1642, UL1973, IEC62619, IEC62660, CSA UL9540A.




The core of the BMS is produced by the American company Texas Intrument. This manufacturer of BMS microcontrollers is recognized worldwide in the field of electric cars, in addition to its long-standing collaboration with NASA and the U.S. Army. The programming and communication protocols are entirely developed by our engineers in Quebec.


Cells :

The quality of LFP cells is paramount. Indeed, it is the cells that will ensure you have a durable product with long term performance.

WallMount solar storage batteries are equipped with GRADE A+ prismatic cells, provided by the Volkswagen Group company.



True pillar, gathering the strength of each of the parts integrating the product. Our engineering is distinguished by the selection of the best components in each industry, with the objective of obtaining the best final product, scalable to future needs and impossible to compete with. The continuous integration of new communication protocols, combined with the custom development established for our clients, as well as the integration of technologies perfectly adapted to our Canadian environment, makes Volthium a reference in terms of design quality.


Main Features

  • Access to the BMS (reserved room)
  • Switch to deactivate the discharge while keeping the charge possible
  • RJ45 communication port (compatible with Volthium-Victron accessories : VENUS OS VE.CAN)
  • Discharge possible down to -25 degrees
  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Continuous discharge current of 150A
  • Peak 200A (30s)
  • Peak 300A (3sec)
  • Up to 4 batteries in parallel
  • Protection against cold charging
  • Canada 100% Engineering
  • Weight of 104 pounds



  • 1 X Batterie 24V 200AH ABS 8D