Rolls Surrette Solar Battery, 6V, 550 Ahr

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The Rolls S-550/S6-L16-HC is among the most popular batteries for small and mid-size home energy systems! Surrette quality, long life, high capacity and reliable performance in a manageable building block. The life expectancy of Surrette batteries is among the longest in the industry.

These high capacity 6V batteries are wired in series to make 12, 24 or 48VDC battery banks. With 550 Ahr @ 6V at a 100hr rate, the S-550 is the best selling solar battery in Canada. The Surrette family has a well earned reputation for building the best battery in the industry, and HES stands behind their products.

Rolls has a reputation for building "There’s a lot of life in one battery". They have earned that based on reliability, durability and easy maintenance. Rolls S-550/S6-L16-HC batteries are supported by an industry leading 3 year warranty. The Rolls line of batteries are made at Surrette's plant in Canada, and Surrette is the preferred brand in solar applications. Don't settle for anything less.

Volts 6 V
Capacity (20hr) 445 AH
Capcity (100hr) 512 AH
Dimensions 12.5"x7.13"x16.75"
Product Weight 122.5 lbs
Warranty 3 years