Incinolet Electric Incinerating Toilet with Vent Kit Bundle Included

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Vent Kit, outlet receptacle, 400 bowl liners and white bowl liner holder INCLUDED. 

The Incinolet electric toilet is the cleanest and most efficient way to eliminate human waste. Incinolet doesn’t use water – so it eliminates the need for drainage systems, use of chemicals, or dealing with messy septic tanks.

Easy to use. Easy to install. Beautifully designed.

You can order the toilet as a 120v ot 240v model:

120V = 20amp 4 Household usage 

240V = 20amp 6 Household usage

Uses: Home, Cottage, Shop, Barn

The Incinolet toilet with 120 volts/2000 watts is ideal for home, cabin, workshop, barn, or basement and will serve the needs of 4 people, full time. The Incinolet toilet with 240 volts/3500 watts is ideal for heavier usage of 6 people, full time. Both configurations have a 3-year warranty and must be installed on a 20-amp dedicated circuit.

Each toilet comes with 1 box of 200 liners.


Weight 85 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 22 × 27 in

White Shell , Stainless Steel


120 volts – 2000 watts, 240 volts – 3500 watts

Seat Lid Color




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