EG4 12kPV Hybrid Inverter 12000W Input | 8000W Output | 120/240V Split Phase All-In-One Hybrid Solar Inverter

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EG4 12kPV Hybrid Inverter: The Ultimate Power Solution 

Introducing the EG4 12kPV Hybrid Inverter, a pinnacle of innovation and efficiency in solar power technology. This 48V, split-phase hybrid inverter is perfect for rural and suburban homeowners seeking energy independence. Seamlessly integrating into existing systems, it offers unmatched performance and versatility for both residential and light commercial applications. Sharing the same architecture and firmware as the EG4 18kPV, it powers loads and charges batteries efficiently, maximizing your solar energy investment.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • 8kW Continuous AC Output: Delivering consistent and reliable power for a wide range of applications, from powering your home to supporting small businesses.
  • MPPTs Rated to 12kW, Accepts Maximum 15kW Array: Maximizing solar power input for optimal energy harnessing, perfect for both residential solar power systems and light commercial setups.
  • Dual High Voltage (120-500 VDC) and High Amperage (25A) MPPTs: Accommodates high-output solar panels with ease, ensuring efficient energy conversion.
  • Parallel Up to 10 Units for 80kW of Power Output: Expand your system effortlessly to meet growing energy demands, ideal for scalable energy solutions.
  • Split Phase Hybrid Design: Ensures efficient power management and distribution, suitable for off-grid living and grid-tied systems with battery backup.
  • Handles Up to a 4,000W Imbalance for 30 Minutes: Provides flexibility in managing power loads, essential for emergency power supply and renewable energy projects.
  • Fast 10ms Transfer Time: Protects sensitive equipment with rapid power switching, crucial during power outages.
  • 134A Surge Capacity: Supports high surge loads for demanding applications, such as backup power solutions.
  • Export-Limiting Applications: Optimized for scenarios where power export needs to be controlled, enhancing energy storage systems.
  • Compatible with Generator Input: Ensures continuous power supply during outages, providing reliable backup power.
  • 10-Year Warranty: Guarantees long-term reliability and customer satisfaction.
  • RSD/ESS Shutdown: Meets safety standards for rapid shutdown capabilities.
  • Advanced Monitoring and Control: Utilize the EG4 monitoring app/website to monitor system performance, perform updates, and track EG4 battery performance.
  • Harness Multiple Power Sources (AC/DC) Efficiently: Versatile design for maximum energy utilization, supporting hybrid solar systems.

Why Choose the EG4 12kPV Hybrid Inverter?

The EG4 12kPV Hybrid Inverter is engineered with cutting-edge technology to deliver superior performance and reliability. Its high-frequency split-phase design and advanced monitoring capabilities make it the ultimate solution for both residential and light commercial applications. Whether you need a single unit or an expansive system of up to 10 inverters, the EG4 12kPV offers unparalleled flexibility and efficiency.

Homeowners will benefit from the robust power output, rapid transfer times, and comprehensive monitoring tools that ensure optimal system performance and energy management. The EG4 12kPV Hybrid Inverter is a powerful, reliable, and efficient solar power solution that meets your energy needs today and in the future. Go off-grid, stay connected, or sell back to the grid. The choice is yours.


Number of MPPTs: 2 (25A each) 
PV Input Voltage Range: 120-500 VDC
PV Input: 12kW PV, accepts maximum 15kW array
AC Output: 8kW continuous
Peak Power: .05s = 16kW, 1s = 12kW, 1min = 10kW, 12min = 8.8kW
Transfer Time: 10ms
Parallel: up to 10 units for 80kW
Outdoor Rated: IP65
Dimensions: 29.5×20.5×11.2 in (750×520×285mm)
Weight: 110 lbs. (50kg)