Compostable Toilet Waste Bags

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  • 1 roll of 20 bags
  • Fits Villa 9200 & 9210  & Weekend toilet models
  • Fits Separett Tiny toilets
  • Does not fit Villa 9220 toilet
  • Easy to install
  • Compostable


Can be used in the Separett Villa 9200 & 9210 toilets, Biolan Simplett toilet and the Separett Tiny toilets. The Compostable waste bags are designed to line the waste containers inside the toilet and during the storage period. They will slowly disintegrate in a composter or ground.  1 roll off 20 bags.

  • It is important to recognize that these bags are not intended to duplicate the performance of a regular plastic bag. They are Certified Compostable Plastic products designed to line bins to help keep those containers clean. The final goal is for the bags to become compost.
  • Your municipality requires that you use only Certified Compostable bags that carry this approved symbol of compostable certification.
  • Our Compostable Bags are made with a new generation of BIO-PLASTIC derived from corn, a renewable resource. Our Compostable Bags are made with a new generation of Mater-Bi® BIO-PLASTIC. Mater-Bi® is the first family of bioplastics that use vegetable components, such as cornstarch, that have been modified (or complexed) with biodegradable polyesters.