Biolan Grey Water Filter System - Insulated Large 125

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  • insulated filter for treating grey water from sinks, showers, and laundry.
  • capacity 600 litres/day/module
  • for summer or winter use and installation indoors
  • to be installed above ground
  • expandable to suit applications with a pressure water supply
  • domestic, ecological natural filter material


The operation of the Biolan Greywater Filter 125 Large is based on the mechanical and biological filtration of grey water. The organic filter material used in the filter, attracts the phosphates and impurities in the wastewater. The micro-organisms living on the surface of the filter material use the impurities in the water as their nutrition.

The module has ten filter boxes layered one on top of the other. The wastewater enters into the uppermost filter box. Inside the module, the wastewater flows by gravity from one filter layer to the other through the openings in the end each box.  Finally the clean water exists the module and out to a gravel leach bed.

Human waste, storm water or drainage water from foundations must not be fed into the filter. The cleaning capacity of the filter material in the module is good for about 3-6 months depending on volume, after which it needs to be replaced in accordance with the maintenance instructions.  The Biolan grey water filter tolerates a small amount of anti-bacterial and chlorine-based agents that are commonly used for cleaning.  However, toxic chemicals or substances that contain chemicals that can kill the micro-organisms that clean the wastewater, such as drain openers, paints, oils or solvents, must not be fed into the purifier.

Biolan Greywater Filter 125 is an insulated filter module for grey water. The filter is made of frost-resistant materials and is thermally insulated  and can be used with electric cable heaters. The unit operates reliably and lasts a long time.  The filter can be used with a pump, to pump the grey water up to the filter inlet if the grey water is coming from a lower point underneath the building or a basement.

A properly dimensioned, installed and operated Biolan Greywater Filter 125 wastewater system meets the limit values for total phosphorus, total nitrogen and organic material in grey wastewater in accordance with the Ontario building code and the Environmental Protection law (527/2014) and the Decree (157/2017).



  • dimensions of the module (width x height x depth): 60 x 123 x 100 cm
  • pipe connectors: for Ø 75 mm sewer pipes
  • height difference of inlet and outlet connectors: 104 cm (height of fall)
  • Canadian Spec capacity: 800 litres/day/module
  • weight without the filter material: 75 kg
  • the distance, travelled by water in the filter material: 650 cm/module