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Solar Powered Heat Pump (Heat or Cool)

***No Batteries or Grid/AC Required***

How does the ACDC18C air conditioner work?
The ACDC18C operates like all normal ultra-high-SEER mini-slit heat pumps, but accepts solar directly from standard solar panels. When abundant solar energy is available the ACDC18C can operature with only solar panels as a power source. For best operation at full speed, on cloudy days, or to run at night, an optional grid-power AC connection is recommended.

During the day the ACDC models can run exclusively on solar power with no AC power or grid connection when solar is strong enough. The maximum speed/capacity will be based on the level of available solar power available. If also connected to AC power source, the unit can run at full speed whenever needed, and will add in just enough AC power, if/as needed, while still primarily using available solar DC power.

Keep the inside cool all day for next to nothing
in energy costs. Preventing daytime heat build-up also cuts evening cooling costs. Cool or heat up to 1000 Sq. Ft. (92m2).

Your air conditioner needs the most power when the sun is shining, a coincidence you can take advantage of with our ACDC18C solar air conditioner. It can keep an indoor area cool during the day for free, or for just pennies, at times when solar power is not sufficient to carry 100% of the load. Use this system to cool a small area or to augment a larger system.

Connect 4-5 (up to 8) solar panels (290-375w per panel) 72-cell panels in series. The unit can also connect to 220v (208v- 240v) AC power for extra power during overcast conditions, transient clouds, or at night. No need for batteries. Even when the sun is not shining at all, with an AC connection this ultra high-efficiency (SEER 22 without solar) heat pump will keep you comfortable and save you money using far less electricity than a normal AC or heat pump unit of the same capacity. Calculated using only paid-for energy, the ACDC18C produces an equivalent SEER above SEER 75.

Panels not included


Specification Data Sheet: Download ACDC18C Spec Sheet